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supply chain performance.

About us

At Southern Cross Logistics, we are committed to providing a customized logistics solution geared towards the unique needs of individual companies rather than forcing you to accept a predetermined solution.  Senior management at Southern Cross has over 50 years experience in logistics and transportation, working for many of the largest global 3PL’s. In 2006, we recognized that many needs for smaller diverse logistics solutions were being ignored by the major global 3rd Party Logistics companies and started a company that would be able to address these areas through a shared warehouse program and creative solutions geared towards the final mile delivery of your product to homes and businesses.

The decision to outsource certain functions can provide your company with flexibility and allow you to focus on your core strengths. We also understand that our solutions must reflect your company’s commitment to your customer. At Southern Cross, strong corporate values, dedicated employees and flexible technological solutions along with a network of dedicated partners define our strength.

Values and Practices

Southern Cross Logistics is a firm believer that our customers always come first. Our customer satisfaction builds on a firm foundation. We operate with high business ethics while offering fast and reliable services in order to fulfill all of your company's warehouse needs.

Southern Cross Logistics Warehouse